WoWinSchool: Student Perspectives

Here’s a video I put together for the upcoming NCTIES conference in Raleigh. It gives an overview of what the students are doing and learning in their own words. Keep in mind, these interviews were recorded with almost no preparation. I simply showed up with the camera and said, “C’mon, it’s your turn to talk!”


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  1. liam says:

    Great video Lucas. It’s very cool to see the kids working together while playing WoW. The interviews are insightful and a great way to highlight the features/benefits of the program. It would be very useful as an educator to see/hear more of the informal discussions the students have while playing the game – for me (and I’m sure you and Peggy would agree), that’s where the real learning is happening.

    Keep up the great work and see you in game!

    Liam (aka Deweydawkins)

  2. Paxseko says:

    As a fellow gamer and educator, I certainly agree. But I can hear what the rest of the world would say , “Sports does this! Why can’t they just get involved with sports!Look at the way they’re fidgeting as they play– they need to move! And furthermore, sports don’t get to happen in the classroom, they’re extracurricular, whereas this could be a bunch of kids fooling off during school hours! And taxpayers and paying for this.. blah, blah, blah.”

  3. Lucas says:


    “They” may say those things. In fact, it’s inevitable. However, we’re not going to let what “they” may say become a barrier. There are already enough of those in education. Yes, sports can do this, so can books, board games, etc. Two things here, though: one, we are targeting a group of learners for whom sports may not be appealing, and two, it’s important to remember that programs like this only constitute a component of the child’s overall educational program. Just like the old cereal commercials used to show their product as part of a “balanced breakfast,” this program is part of a balanced education. Yeah, “they” may say all sorts of things, but I’m not going to let “them” hinder innovation.

    Thanks for your comments!


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