NCTIES 2009 Presentation

Here are resources and links from my 2009 NCTIES Presentation:


Dimension-M, by Tabula Digita, is a first-person shooter format, 3D, video game designed to teach pre-Algebra and Algebra skills in both a single player and a multi-player format all while immersing the player in a rich storyline.

A flyer from Tabula Digita is available at:

Resources for Students to Make Their Own Games:

Jeff Ertzberger’s MS Office Game Templates -templates that allow you to make game-like activities with Microsoft Office.

YoYo Games’ Game Maker -allows creation of your own games. (free)

Scratch -visual programming environment. (free)

Squeak -visual programming environment. (free)

Alice -scripting environment that allows creation of 3D objects and behaviors. (free)

RPG Maker -allows creation of classic RPG-style games.  (free to try, $60 to buy)

Teen Second Life-virtual world based on Second Life.  No adults allowed except as part of education-oriented project.  For example, see Peggy Sheehy’s Ramapo Islands. (free for basic account, islands for projects cost money)

Atmosphir – build 3D platform-type games.  (still in Beta, free)

Recommended Reading:

  • Don’t Bother Me Mom I’m Learning – Mark Prensky
  • Got Game:  How the Gamer Generation Is Reshaping Business Forever – John C. Beck and Mitchell Wade
  • What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy – James Paul Gee
  • Playing To Learn:  Video Games In The Classroom – David Hutchison (has lesson ideas revolving around video games)

Related Websites:

SLURL’s (Second Life URL’s – These will launch Second Life, if installed, and take you to the location specified)

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