Games in Education 2010 – WoWinSchool Workshop by Peggy Sheehy

Games in Education 2010 – WoWinSchool Workshop by Peggy Sheehy

pegmagisteUnfortunately, Blizzard brought down the servers for an update in expectation for the upcoming Cataclysm expansion, but we had an excellent discussion about the use of games and the rationale for their use in the classroom.  Here are resources from the session:

Peggy’s Contact Information

Email – peggysheehy AT mac . com
On Twitter – @peggysheehy
Peggy’s Presentations on –

Lucas’ Contact Information

Email – lucas AT edurealms . com
On Twitter – @PCSTech
Lucas’ Presentations on –

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Server – Sistersof Elune
Faction – Alliance
Guild – Cognitive Dissonance


No Future Left Behind Video:

Jane McGonigal’s TED Talk:

Also See:  Top 20 TED Talks for Busy Administrators [Teachers] –

Authors and Academics to Read:

A List of Research to Support the Use of  Games in Education – from the WoWinSchool Wiki (and thanks to Dean Groom).
Constance Steinkhueler – link to an article on some of her research.
Marc Prensky – link to Marc’s Website and His Book on Amazon

Debunking the Myths Surrounding Video Games

Read Dr. Henry Jenkins (website) – and his article 8 Myths About Video Games Debunked.
Read Dr. James Gee – his book, What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy.

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