NCCAT Resources

Level Up!  Games and Learning Basics for Educators



Gaming Industry Stats (ESA 2015)

Jane McGonigal’s 1st TED Talk – Gaming Can Make A Better World

James Paul Gee’s What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy

The Future!

Mirosoft Hololens Video 1, Video 2, Video 3 (This is awesome!!)

Oculus Rift – (Press Conference), EVE Valkyrie (Game) Teaser


Digging into Learning with Minecraft



Minecraft Wikipedia Article

Business Insider – Richest YouTube Stars of 2014

Minecraft YouTube Views – ReelSEO

YouTuber PewDie Pie Is Making $4 Million Per Year

Article on Eric Walker’s World of Humanities

Minecraft in the Classroom (Book)

TeacherCraft:  How Teachers Use Minecraft in the Classroom (Book)


Learning with MinecraftEDU

Classroom Game Master



Presentation Game Spreadsheet (File –> Make A Copy)

The Multiplayer Classroom (book)

Raph Koster’s A Theory of Fun – 10 Years Later (Presentation/PDF) – This gets pretty deep in some places, but there are some great quotes and ideas!

Classroom Systems/Tools – 3DGameLab – Game-inspired, learning management system.
(Also, ClassCraft, ClassXP)

Badging Tools – BadgeOS, Mozilla Backpack, Credly, and more.

Productivity/Apps – GooseChaseHabitRPG, ChoreWars, Zombies, Run!, ClassDojo, ARIS, Aurasma and more.

Quest Cards

Paul Davasi (Twitter) – Interview about his The Ward game. – Game Movie.

Videos to Watch

The Ward Game

The Ward Game from Big Nurse on Vimeo.

Tom Chatfield:  7 Ways Video Games Engage the Brain

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