It’s Gonna Be The Future Soon: Science Fiction, Video Games, And The Future of Learning

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The Presentation

The Resources

Inspiration from Ender’s Game

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The Movie Trailer!

Games That Give Us Great Contextual Possibility Spaces

Kerbal Space Program –

Minecraft –

(and MinecraftEDU – – Discounts and a teacher community!)

The MMO-Project – learning through games like World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2! –

Teach With Portals Website –

Civilization 5 –

Sim City EDU –

Inspiration from Iron Man 3

Watch the Trailer!

Spanish Researchers Use AR Glasses And Smartphones to Aid Student-Teacher Classroom Communications

Google Glass Demo Video

Ingress The Game – Game Website

Ingress Trailer

British Museum – Augmented Reality:  Beyond the Hype (Article)

ARIS Games – Project Website

Inspiration from Minority Report

Watch the Trailer!

Eric Jensen – Moving with The Brain in Mind (Article)

Eric Jensen’s Amazon Page

John Medina – Brain Rules (Amazon Link)

7 Startups Using Microsoft Kinect for Online Physical Therapy (Article)

The Leap Motion (official site)

Inspiration from Ready Player One

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 12.01.35 PM

Buy The Book on Amazon!

Oculus VR (Official Site)

Grandmother Tries Oculus Rift

The title of this presentation was inspired by the musician, Jonathan Coulton.  He’s awesome and you should buy his music.  Visit his website here:

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