Guild Meet-Up: Cognitive Dissonance at Games in Education Symposium

Cognitive Dissonance invades the hotel lobby. You know, I really love what I do, and it’s things like the Games in Education Symposium that give me the opportunities to meet the coolest people!  Did you ever think of World of Warcraft as a social/professional networking tool?  If not, you should.  Let me introduce to you the guild, Cognitive Dissonance.  The Cognitive Dissonance guild is not your typical World of Warcraft guild, rather, it’s a group of educators and video game researchers who play World of Warcraft together.  Now, if you’re in education, and you’re looking for a very non-threatening and helpful environment in which to begin your journey into MMORPG’s, you need to check these guys out.

I’ve been a part of the guild for several months now, and the Games in Education Symposium has given us an excuse to have a guild meet-up.  It’s not often that you get to hang out with some real innovators in education and play World of Warcraft in a hotel lobby.

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  1. rikomatic says:

    Great presentation about WOW and education!

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