First Contact


Earlier this week students from Cape Fear Middle School and Suffern Middle School had their first in-game contact with each other.  In some ways it was similar to the kinds of interactions you might expect if you put a random assortment of middle schoolers together at school dance.  There was a  little mingling, a few timid “‘Sup’s?” and a few silly emotes.  Then, they ran off to complete a few more quests before the day was over.  Could this be the beginning of a guild?  Yeah.  I think so.


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  1. -Peggy Sheehy says:

    From my perspective – the kids were very excited about being “ported” to a location –and the “buzz” from where I stood was very charged with “which ones are the kids?” When I explained to my students that these were to be their compatriots in future quests and raids they immediately shifted the focus from trying to socialize to looking for quests in the area…
    From an academic standpoint, small alliances seem to be emerging already and there always seems to be discussion of new vocabulary going on —
    “What does this word mean?” –“Look it up and tell us all when you have the answer” is becoming a mainstay. Note to self: Have a 10 minute closing session OFF THE COMPUTER to address the day’s play and new concepts or vocab that has surfaced.

    Thinking I may need to add Mondays to the time these kids can play …

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