Contact Information

Email: lucas (at)

Skype: lucas.gillispie

Twitter: lucasgillispie and MMO_School

Guild Leader, Harbingers of Light (

Officer, Cognitive Dissonance (

Online Avatars/Characters:

Elder Scrolls Online:


Beryk R’in – Dark Elf Sorcerer



Guild Wars 2:

Golyn – Level 80 Norn Elementalist, Sanctum of Rall Server (semi-active)

World of Warcraft (semi-retired):

Pantego – 86 Pandaren Shaman, Inevitable Betrayal
Server:   Sisters of Elune

Attacus – 85 Worgen Mage, Cognitive Dissonance
Server:  Sisters of Elune

Erud – 80 Dranei Death Knight, Cognitive Dissonance
Server:  Sisters of Elune

Foghlum – 81 Gnome Warlock, Cognitive Dissonance
Server:  Sisters of Elune

Golyn – 81 Dwarven Hunter, Guild Leader, Harbingers of Light
Server:  Sisters of Elune

Hooda – 33 Human Priest, Lorekeeper, The Legacy (WoWinSchool Student Guild)
Server:  Sisters of Elune

Second Life:
Newton Apogee (active)

StarWars:  The Old Republic – Golyn – Level 50 Bounty Hunter (retired)

Rift:  Golyn – 18 Bahmi Elementalist, Defiant, Estrael (RP) Server (retired)

Warhammer Online:  Golyn Stormhammer, 40 Runepriest (retired)
Server:  Phoenix Throne (RP)

Dark Age of Camelot:  Golyn (retired) – 50 Firbolg Druid, Ilex (retired) – 50 Sylvan Animist
Server:  Percival (Hibernia)

Everquest:  Golin (retired) – 50(?) Wood Elf Druid
Server:  E’ci

Everquest 2: Pantego (retired) – 24 Ratongan Fury
Server:  Antonia Bayle

City of Heroes:  The Nerd (retired) -Blaster(?)
Server: ?

Asheron’s Call 2 – Golyn (retired)
Server: ?

Horizons – Golyn (retired)
Server: ?

Star Wars Galaxies – Golyn Marre (retired) – Droid Engineer
Server: ?

LambdaMOO – Brazenwolf

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